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Where are we now?

Be flexible, and adapt as needed.

Many things have happened since our last update. We resumed classes in person at the dojo at the beginning of July, following lessening infection rates in Maryland and the lifting of orders to have fitness centers (and dojo) closed. But cases in Maryland soon rose sharply again and although there was no new order to close the dojo we deemed it best to be prudent, and had moved classes outside by mid-July. The parks nearby give us a lovely outdoor option for training, and on days when thunderstorms are looming we hold classes online.

Meanwhile the fight against systemic racism and injustice in our country continues. Sometimes it seems quieter in the media, but it is not quieter in the places where it is being fought. For those of you who may feel attacked by the fight against systemic racism, I urge you to practice differentiating between the acknowledgment that ours is a very imperfect society in which some of us benefit greatly and unfairly from those inequalities, and the idea that the fight against systemic racism is denigrating to you personally. Be willing to grow, be willing to sacrifice, and be on the right side of history.

In regards to training, we are currently working with Kukishin Ryu jojutsu, preparing our bodies for Togakure Ryu ninpo taijutsu, and continuing to hone our Jinen Ryu and Togakure Ryu iaijutsu skills. More on these topics in a following post.

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