Classes, Seminars, & Workshops

Baltimore Ryusui Dojo

Regular classes are held twice a week (currently on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons) usually at the Baltimore dojo, which is located in the neighborhood of Hampden. We also sometimes train outdoors at nearby parks, and did so almost exclusively in recent years due to the pandemic, as well as holding classes online. Dojocho Seika and Dojocho Oshi Take share teaching responsibilities.

A current requirement for training indoors with us at the dojo is proof of full vaccination against COVID-19; students who do not meet that requirement can still train with us outdoors. Masks are also required indoors depending on circumstance.

New students are welcome! We teach all levels of students and practitioners, whether this will be your first time ever trying a martial art or a continuation of training for you after years of prior experience. All levels and all people are welcome. Our dojo is a non-discriminatory space open to people of any race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age*, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Come try a free lesson with us to see if we are a good fit for you!

Please send email to for more information about our regular classes in Baltimore and to schedule a free lesson, or to schedule private lessons.

*Children and young teens have different needs when it comes to learning, perhaps even more particularly in a martial arts setting. We are not currently running a dedicated program for children or teens, and so at this time minors and parents interested in getting their children involved with our art and lineages should contact us to arrange private training opportunities. Older teenagers may be accepted into the adult classes on a case by case basis.

Rio de Janeiro Ryusui Dojo

Dojocho Seika has relocated back to Baltimore and currently there are no more regular training opportunities with her in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Prospective students interested in Jinenkan training can contact Dojocho Seika in English or Portuguese at to inquire about distance learning opportunities, or possible private lessons during their visits to Brazil.

Dojocho Seika mudou-se de volta para Baltimore e atualmente não há mais oportunidades regulares de treinamento com ela no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Os futuros alunos interessados no treinamento de Jinenkan podem entrar em contato com Dojocho Seika em inglês ou português em para obter informações sobre oportunidades de ensino à distância ou possíveis aulas particulares durante suas visitas ao Brasil.

Seminars & Workshops

Please email the Ryusui Dojo ( for up to date information on events and other training opportunities in Baltimore, or to schedule private lessons.

No more international seminars with Manaka Sensei are scheduled at this time. For information on how to arrange training with Manaka Sensei at the Honbu Dojo in Japan, please send an email to introduce yourself and your training goals to

If you will be in an area with a Jinenkan dojo, please contact the local dojocho for information about classes or workshops that may be happening.

For information on Jinenkan training or how to become a Jinenkan member, please send email to