Jinenkan Locations

Jinenkan Honbu Dojo

Jinenkan Honbu Dojo
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Fumio Manaka-Sensei, kancho
Chiba-Naganumahara Yubinkyoku
Kyoku-dome, 263-0001

Jinenkan dojo and dojocho

The following list is all present Jinenkan members who are personal students of Unsui Sensei and have been given permission to represent the Jinenkan in their part of the world. All listed Jinenkan dojocho have achieved the rank of sandan or above and have been granted license to teach by Unsui Sensei. If their name is not on this list, they do not have permission to teach or represent the arts taught by Unsui Sensei.


Recognized training groups

These are formal training groups that are associated with an official Jinenkan dojo and operate under the guidance of the sponsoring dojocho, and whose local leaders are upcoming and solid members of the organization but are not yet qualified to independently operate a dojo or rank students in the Jinenkan. The following groups are recognized by the Honbu Dojo and their leaders have received rank of Sankyu or above in the Jinenkan.

  • Switzerland
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For information on Jinenkan training or how to become a Jinenkan member, please send email to info@ryusuidojo.com